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Book directly through us for the best deal

Book directly through us for the best deal guaranteed!

Free cancellation five days before the booking!

We offer everything a booking website can offer and more. Booking websites will try their best to convince you that you are going to get the best deal through them. 

Best Price: 

Booking channels demand rate parity online. This means you will not find our property listed cheaper anywhere else. The price will always be the same! However if you call us direct and mention this add we will knock $10 off our prices listed on our website per night. This gives you the lowest price guaranteed!


When you make your reservation directly through us it is simple and clean. If any amendments to the booking need to be made it can be sorted with one email or one quick phone call. With the inclusion of online review sites such as tripadvisor you can read about other guests experiences and see we will do our best to make sure things are done right. As soon as you book through a booking agent or website you throw in the middleman. The 'middleman' has no knowledge of Te Mata lodge except for what we have listed on their websites. Amendments and cancellations can lead to you sending multiple emails and spending a long time waiting in a que on the phone to achieve what you want. 

Tailored to suit you

When you contact us directly we can ensure your booking is going to be the best option to suit your requirements. The few lower rated reviews we have received on tripadvisor has been from bookings made on other websites rather than our own. In the race to make a sale other websites will tell you there is only one room left - BOOK NOW BEFORE YOU MISS OUT - This leads to bookings being made without the right expectations. We have some units that are newer and smaller, some that are larger and older, some with toilets and kitchens and some without. We are not just looking to make a sale, we are looking to make sure your booking reflects your expectations. When you arrive our hope is that you receive what you expect and more.

More flexibility

Reserving a room through some booking sites can essentially create a lock in contract for a stay, which can limit wiggle room if travel plans change. We understand that the unexpected happens. When you book direct through us, it becomes easier to help, should you need to change your dates or even cancel.